This page is archived and no longer udpated.

Picovico 2.7

Picovico 2.7, the new version of Picovico, has been re-engineered and re-systematized from the core. The latter version is improved towards providing better user experience and stability.

API Documentation

  • Platform Version
  • API Version
  • Root URL
  • Authentication
    • Headers
      • X-Access-Token: <token_provided>
      • X-Access-Key: <key_provided>
    • X-PV-Meta-App: <app_id from picovico developer>



  • Note: For the sake of legibility, this portion of the URL will be assumed and omitted in the remaining code samples in this documentation.

There are some API endpoints which are accessible without access_key and token

Most of user centric requests requires Authentication Headers.

Proceed to Login Flow for more details.


All response are json with HTTP status code playing the part for error or success of the request.

Errors are responded with:

    'error': {'message': 'Some human friendly error message.'},
    'status': <http_status_code>  // 400

Success [200 OK] will be responded in:

    '_count': <no_of_response_data>,
    'data': [{<success_response_object>},]  # [] for 0 count
  • Note: Success also may have other meta information followed by _ such as _page where necessary.